2021-22 RYLA: Hawaii Statewide Virtual Camp Code of Conduct

The RYLA Program staff wishes to provide a safe and secure setting for all those who participate in this program. Although our environment is virtual (online), the standards of behavior are as important as if we were to meet in person. In other words, our virtual meeting space is with real people; therefore, appropriate behavior is expected. To ensure that all participants understand how to behave in an online environment, we have developed a code of conduct that participants are required to follow.

  • Participants are encouraged to find a quiet space where they will not be distracted from learning and participating. Items that reveal personal information should be moved out of camera range.

  • Whenever possible, participants should turn on their cameras. If/when this is not possible, a self-photo, or “selfie,” should be used, so that they are easily recognizable to others.

  • Self-photos, or “selfie,” and video feed backgrounds must be appropriate for an educational environment. RYLA Administrators reserve the right to determine if a profile picture and/or video feed background is inappropriate. Participants using an inappropriate profile picture or video feed background will be required to update their settings immediately.

  • Appropriate clothing must always be worn.

  • Participants are not to use obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language or images in any communications.

  • All communications with other participants in any forum, camp related email, discussion post, etc., must be polite, courteous and respectful.

  • Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited.

  • Participants are prohibited from sharing or posting videos (synchronous and/or asynchronous), pictures, or other participant’s work on social media, gaming networks, or elsewhere online unless permission is expressed.

  • Smoking or any use of tobacco products is prohibited.

  • Participants must attend all program events at specified times, unless excused by program staff.

  • The use of cell phones will not be permitted during the program except during break periods as designated by the staff.

  • Be safe and never give sensitive personal information online, like your user ID or password

  • For any in-person activities, all participants will follow federal, state, and local guidelines to ensure safety, including wearing a mask or face covering, physically distancing, and limiting the number of participants in group gatherings.

Participants are expected to attend the full program, and if, for any reason, you know that you cannot do this, please do not apply for participation. Requests to not take part in any program activity or to leave before the end of the program will only be considered by the program staff for an exceptional basis, i.e., family emergency, injury, illness, physical limitation, etc.

If it becomes necessary for you to leave the program because of such circumstances, your parents will be notified. Only parents or guardians may give such permission to leave the program. Any participant who leaves the program early will not be permitted to return and will not receive a Certificate. Participants who violate this Code of Conduct may be asked by the program staff to leave the camp.